Online drawing sessions

Contact me if you are interested in doing a drawing session together. I'll send you a link to a video conference. We meet, we chat for half an hour, I draw. Afterwards I might add some touches, colours. Maybe a title emerges. Then I send you the picture and post it here on my blog to my gallery of encounters from all over the world.

For now I am doing this as a  practice, and it is free.
However, if you get value out of your drawing, you  are welcome to use the donation button at the bottom of the page. 

Live Drawing: Moon Spirit

There seemed to be a connection to some mythological realm… . K. is weaving connections between the earth and the sky (as a metaphor for music, poetry and art), and between the future (her lively kids) and her ancestors from another continent. She is taking care of the requirements of the modern world (bright sparkly…

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Live drawing: Reluctant Princess

This is a sketch of B, who is in the process of breaking free from the beautiful little island where she has been asleep for too long Now she is done with finding herself and a gentle breeze is taking her out to explore the big wide world.

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Live drawing: Relaxed celebration

Connection to the past, to other cultures, to nature is the vibe I got from N. Soft sparkles, coloured feathers, laughter and celebration. 

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Live drawing: Mother of the planets

K. needs deep roots and stillness to balance out the lively and creative energy around her. In a way she is nurturing the planets.

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Live Drawing: The Curious Collector

K. is  collecting random material and organizing it systematically, improving and beautifying her world, working towards her dream Read more about essence drawings here

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Live drawing: The modular gardener

M. is fascinated by the ever-changing patterns of life that emerge around her. She watches them without holding on to them, attending to them as long as needed, but moves with ease to new places. 

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